Monday, January 4, 2016

Three Month A-Versary

Okay, well where do I start?! 

How about with this! This was going to be our Christmas card hahaha... We decided not to waste time doing them.

Well it is approaching the year anniversary of me baptizing Alec! Still to date my only baptism! But that's okay! This week marked my three month a-versary of being on a mission! Time is flying by really fast! I have grown so much though, in this little amount of time. Being able to testify of our Savior and also of the Book of Mormon every single day has really strengthened my testimony. I love this work so much. 

This week had its up and downs. We had a great start of the week on Monday night, but Tuesday we had no success. Our appointments all fell through, and our back-up plans did as well, so we knocked in a Latino neighborhood. Nobody would talk to us. The person who actually talked with us the longest was a Russian guy who could only say hello, thank you, dog, and bye. That was funny though! Elder Fife was also sick the next day, and I felt bad, because there was not much I could do for him. 

We didn't go proselyte that day, but I got some quality Book of Mormon study in and I am so grateful for that. Guys, read this book. You will be surprised of what will come of it and what you change because of it. This week alone, there were two experiences in regards to the Book of Mormon. This family that we have been teaching hasn't really opened up to us until this week. The dad is reading the BOM every day. The kids are all coming to church! We had a lesson with them on Tuesday and last night. The Tuesday lesson we had, we asked Silvia to pray at the end. She is their mom, and has been really stubborn with us. She was touched by this book and the spirit though, and she broke down in tears during her prayer. It was super powerful! Last night, after our lesson with them, we had their dad Jose Louis say the closing prayer. He basically testified to us on how this book has helped him and told us he feels something indescribable. this feeling is the spirit telling his heart of the truthfulness of the book of Mormon. When he prayed, he broke down in tears as well! Such a powerful experince once again! I know this book is true and these experiences this week have strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon. It truly softens hearts and changes people.


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