Monday, January 18, 2016

It's All Good in the Hood

Okay so I only have a few minutes, sooooo here we go again! Some quick points!
  • South Carolina was not devastated (in my area) for Clemson's loss. 
  • The kids here both Latino and white, love soccer! Everybody is obsessed! 
  • Talked with a lady in a store from Ghana (she is American) and speaks Spanish, English, French and is learning Arabic. She said she was doing a "corporate farming project" #CIA 
  • It literally rains once or twice a week...even if the weather says it won't. 
  • As Clemson got further into the season we began to see more and more stickers pop up on cars...and after Monday's loss we haven't seen so many hahaha 
  • 15 days left of training! It has gone by so fast! In 12 days I will be hitting my 4 month mark! 
  • On track to finishing Book of Mormon on February 2nd (one day before I end training). The Book of Mormon is just so amazing. We take this book, along with the Bible, for granted. We should not! It is a commandment to read these holy scriptures, so do it! We have been hammering once again this last week, the importance of scripture study to all of our investigators. It is going so well! 
  • We did service at this guy's pig farm. We helped him and also brother cook out with cutting up a few fallen trees and loading them into two pickups! Hard work! (We aren't permitted to use chain saws though as missionaries, so yeah) 
  • Remember our investigator Manuel and Carmen? Yeah, we found out she was baptized into our church 20 years ago and has been inactive ever since. We had a lesson with them last night and got her full name and date of birth to transfer her records from California! 
  • We have been helping out a recent convert with getting her patriarchal blessing! It is super awesome! She is super funny and likes to make fun of good ole Brayden haha! Her daughter would get along really well with Lexie and Izzie! 
  • Missionary work in the Simpsonville Third Ward is going great! That is where the majority of our investigators are! 
  • We had a lesson with Gio again! He read 1 Nephi, but had so many questions. He was so confused because it jumped from event to event. We sat down and re-read that first chapter and also chapters 2 and 3! He really understood after that! I love helping people understand the Book of Mormon! 
  • We had a southern regional broadcast as a special stake conference on Sunday. Elder Hales and Rasband of the 12 apostles spoke, as well as Elder Clayton and Sister Reeves. Sister Reeve's talk was great and quoted a few other talks including one from Elder Holland from April 2002 called "The Other Prodigal". Read the talk and read the parable in the Bible! You will learn so much! 
  • Jose Louis, one of our investigators, is having a struggle! He is reading the Book of Mormon, knows it's true but cant let go of worshipping the Virgin Mary! Its so hard to handle this! We have a lesson with them tonight and hopefully we can address this again! 
  • Our Facetime investigators--We had to push back their baptism. They have been avoiding us, but we have finally made contact! Turns out they are not illegal after all! We hope to have at least 3 more lessons in the coming weeks, in preparing them for another date. 
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