Monday, December 7, 2015

Official Pooper-Scoopers

Hey Guys!

Okay so this week we did so much service! From cleaning a bunny farm to mounting a television. A less active member in the ward lives on a huge piece of property and has a few horses, chickens, ducks, dogs and hundreds of bunnies. He raises bunnies and sells them as food. We had the wonderful opportunity to make our own episode of 'Dirty Jobs', haha. He has us go into one of like three bunny farms and shovel out all the poop and pee into a wheel barrow, and take it out to a hole a few hundred yards away and then dump it. During the process we did spill the wheelbarrow a few times, on us, and I wish I brought my camera to capture it all! After all the crap was out, we had to place dirt and fill any holes or uneven parts in the barn that we made while shoveling the poop. It took a while and I could taste all of that nast in my mouth for a day afterwards@!

On Saturday we helped move a family who feeds us every week. It's the least we could do for them! Their house had mold growing and they were smart to get out. We also helped a Mexican lady move into her house. She is not a member, nor was an investigator. We moved boxes down to her basement and her attic and we got fed some Mexican dish too! So good! She had us mount her television too. It was scary because we haven't mounted TVs by ourselves! Adding onto this, she didn't have the right drill bits, so we had to make do haha. I have finally learned how to be a handy-man! Mom would be so proud! We ended up doing it successfully though! I hope it is still up on the wall hahaha. She was super funny and kept talking about how lucky she was that she had "muy guapo muchachos con ojos de luz" helping her, who also spoke Spanish hahah! We were able to introduce the Book of Mormon to her and her dad and they liked it and opened up to us. We are helping them again this next week, which is cool! 

Este semana, Nosotros tenemos una reuniĆ³n de entrenamiento del zona. Fue muy bien para mi. We talked lot about our zone goal of 14 baptisms before 2016, and discussed what we need to do this month to get there. I learned a lot about faith and diligence, as well as planning better. One thing that was cool was a quote someone said, 

"pray like everything depends on God, then get up and work like everything depends on you." 

It is such a cool quote, and as we continue to have faith and act in all diligence, we get blessed. The zone leaders gave an awesome training and the sister training leaders did as well! I'm excited for this Thursday for my first Christmas zone conference! I think we are taking a huge group pic that will be on Facebook so look for that! Transfers are in 2 weeks too, which is soooo crazy! I'm almost half done with training! 

So this week I have seen that prayers get answered. We have been having trouble with getting the ward on board with member missionary work and we were going to share with ward council a talk from one of the apostles, to get the motivation up. So at the adult session of stake conference, the theme was WARD COUNCILS and a member of the seventy talked heavily on this subject! It was so awesome because it hit every point we wanted to talk about with our ward councils! Lastly, I don't remember what I sent last week, but the couple we were teaching over FaceTime, we set them up with a baptismal date! It's pretty cool! And we officially met them at stake conference! I'm finally getting used to the area and its growing on me a little bit. The hard part is the insanely cold weather. I can't handle it hahahaha! But hey, it's all part of the experience. Hope y'all have a good week! Remember act in faith when you pray and when you do, you're prayers will be answered! Check this out: Enos 1:12
Elder McLaughlin

Fife & I put together this sick lunch from scratch! Included pomegranate, apple, pasta, chicken, cheese. Super good!
My super awesome wall desk- (Spanish conjugations on sticky notes).
A pretty nice day today. Like 50 degrees though! haha View from our apartment.
(This California boy is still getting used to temps less than 75 degrees:)

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