Monday, December 14, 2015

"Aggressive Driving"

Wow this week went by fast! It is hard to remember what even happened. We did service on Tuesday taking out trees at a members property so that they could finish building their house. It was super muddy and a lot of hard work! It was fun though! There were a bunch of Latinos working on painting the church member's house, so at their lunch break we went and talked to them. They were surprised we spoke Spanish. 

We have had a great week as a companionship. Lots of miracles have happened. We had 9 referrals to contact and we got to see all of them. That was an answer to prayer. There are two great ones in particular. Shortly after I emailed on Monday, we visited a reference we received that had no name- only an address. She was hesitant in talking to us, but we told her our message could be how ever long she wanted. We outlined the plan of salvation or plan of happiness for her, and we visited her last night again! Her name is Marisella, and she is super awesome! We went more into the plan of salvation and we also taught her husband, Juan. It was cool because at first, their body language with their arms folded showed us they weren't super interested, but when Fife talked about the spirit world, right after death, that's when they started to uncross their arms. Marisella even brightened up a little bit! 

Another cool experience was when contacting another referral. He let us in and just went on for 15 minutes as to why he was interested in the church. I have never experienced someone open up like that before! He and his family were so grateful that we came over. Even adding on to this, we have a lesson with them tomorrow and this guy (Gusravo) has Mormon family in New York! Miracles hahah. 

Zone conference on Thursday was the bomb! It was a Christmas one so it was 2 zones at our building. We first had the installation of the dreaded TIWI's ! It's a device that basically tracks where you are at, but is used for the missions to keep us being good drivers. It will say "check your speed" or "check your seatbelt" and "aggressive driving". We have a card that logs us in as a driver and every transfer they review how you drove. If there is some crazy stuff recorded, we are no longer allowed to drive mission vehicles. Saturday night we were going like 30 on one road and Fife didn't see a speed bump and so we caught some air AND an "aggressive driving" announcement. That is on his record now, LOL. 

I learned a lot at zone conference. I love President Turner and his wife! They are so sick! We talked about faith as a power and one other big thing was the South Carolina initiative. The initiative is basically us working with members to strengthen the members, bring back in-active members and get referrals from both of those groups. We also did a hilarious skit and Fife and I made a video along with it. Maybe I can get that out to the world sometime haha. Anyway I have to go. God answers every prayer, so pray! There's another cool experience about that I will share later!
~Elder McLaughlin
Sweet Sister Oehrig feeds us every Saturday- (she sent this to Shay on facebook).

Clemson Tiger Tail!

Elder Fife really wants me to start eating spicy

The Elders Quorum successfully put together 100 huge plates of cookies for less active families in the ward for Christmas! Whoop! Nobody thought it was possible LOL

My little Christmas tree with some of our stuff mom sent
I don't know the significance of this pic- Brayden sent it, so I'm posting the cute little house in the woods:)

Our Facetime lesson with Juan & Maria. I'm not smiling lol.

Monday Email pic

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