Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Christmas Carol

Hey everybody! His week in the missionary work has been awfully slow. A lot of people are out for the holidays and our investigators did not really want to be bothered. However, we did find some success. On Tuesday, I lead the area for the first time. Elder Fife went with Elder Droge to Greenville and I stuck with Elder Russell down here. Leading the area meant I was driving too! I have not driven in a long time so it was kind of sketch! We tried to contact some referrals and we ended up sharing this year's Christmas video like 8 times. We hit up the government housing in Grey Court and had some success there as well. Included in that, we met a 93 year old man with no family. We taught him, but he shut the door on us because I think of a combination of not being able to hear the message since he was so old, and not necessarily understanding what we were doing. But that's okay! 

We went caroling as a zone in downtown Greenville on Wednesday! There were a few people out so someone got to enjoy our not so angelic voices! It was pouring too so we all got soaked! It was really fun though! We went caroling as a district on Christmas Eve as well.
Caroling in downtown Greenville with part of the zone
hit up some of our investigators, and also gave them each a plate of cookies, made by yours truly and Elder Fife. We got positive feedback from our investigators, and they were so grateful that we took time to do this! It was fun. Last night was a success. We decided to knock doors in a neighborhood, who we thought were Hispanic. All but one opened and the ones that opened were Hispanic! We did what missionaries do on every door step and even got 2 return appointments for this week!

Saturday night we met this guy named Ronnie. He walked out of his house when we knocked and knew who we were. His grandpa was Mormon and passed away last year. He told us of his conversion story to God, and how he went from not believing to becoming a religious man. It was pretty cool. We talked with him about the restoration of the gospel and the Book of Mormon. He was pretty stubborn and his point was that the bible is the only thing we need. He started to preach to us a little bit, so we testified about the Book of Mormon. Elder Fife's testimony had so much power. I felt the spirit very strong. His concern too was what makes us different. He wanted to know what he was not doing right, since he knows as missionaries our role is to bring people to believe in what we teach. He was being a little combative and his questions were good. We told him to just read the Book of Mormon. He said come by in two weeks. We did the best we could at teaching him, and I feel that he will be softened to really listen to us with a desire to learn. 

Christmas was awesome! Best present ever was being able to FaceTime my family! It felt weird since it is the first Christmas away from home. I was looking forward to this all Christmas Eve night and could not sleep! It was such a refresher! Five more months until Mother's Day when I can call home again!
We spent Christmas afternoon with the Powells like at Thanksgiving. It was fun and we played some board games. Loving this area more and more and my Spanish is getting better! Happy New Year!
The sweet christmas gift of the year! Hand made for each of the Elders and a heart over Simpsonvile!
The Jones's have a bamboo forest, so they gave each of us some bamboo:)
Elder McLaughlin

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