Monday, November 23, 2015

Trying to Have More Gratitude

Hey guys! It feels like I have been here forever. It has only been two weeks- which is crazier. So I have been feeling pretty discouraged this last week. Satan is working pretty hard down here. It is so frustrating that all but one of our scheduled appointments have fallen through. It must be Latino culture to not like appointments or something. We have been trying super hard to find things to do instead. We have a few referrals and have visited them this week with some success, but other than that, we have to knock doors, which I have found to not be so successful. The male figures of these Latino households work super late, so we can't teach them inside and really have a solid lesson. We have been trying to teach some of the first principles in the restoration and we have been giving out cards and copies of the Book of Mormon. However, when we do teach, I do not feel like we have found our groove together yet. With Elder Casey in the MTC, once we had taught enough to realize where we were effective, our lessons became stellar. Here, we do not teach many lessons, so it is just going to take longer I guess. We have found many new investigators, but we have not been able to get back into their houses again. We will just have to keep pressing forward. 

Also, I have felt pretty incompetent when it comes to speaking Spanish. It is hard to understand most people, however there are a select few I understand, and it's taking a toll. We teach a Spanish gospel principles class in the 3rd ward and that is super hard for me as well. On occasion when I do figure out what they are saying, by the time I know what to respond with, the discussion is already past that point, which too, is frustrating. I have been praying a lot for help, and Elder Fife has had to remind me that I am only two weeks in. He is super good at encouraging people, and for me he is always saying that I am doing super well. I'm so glad he is my trainer. 

On Sunday in church, the talks were about gratitude. Some things that stuck out were:
  • ONE: If you are struggling with anything, start living in gratitude
  • TWO: Gratitude has a healing power 
I have realized that I need to stop thinking so negatively and see the good that will come from this. A witness comes after a trial of our faith, and right now, the lack of success is the trial of my faith. As I, and I guess we, are grateful and show gratitude for what we go through or what we have been blessed with, our perspective changes. In this life on earth, it is all about perspective. Having the knowledge of what my purpose is here on earth is, is comforting, because I know in the end it will all work out. I just need to stop worrying and complaining about the little things like this. 
We did have a few on the spot lessons though. We taught the restoration three times this week. Two of those appointments were solid, and they want us to come back again.The other one was interesting. We taught a pretty big Latino family and it almost went south. They liked what we talked about until we introduced them to the Book of Mormon. We said it was similar to the Bible and that it is another testament of Jesus Christ, like the Old and New Testament. We read the introduction (BTW which is really good, so everyone who sees this, read that part!), and then one of the ladies started to oppose it with the obvious, "There can't be more stuff written" because of what John says in Revelation. So this went on for like 30 more minutes and her husband liked what we said but she did not. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and he gave us his number....later this week we called it and it said it didn't exist! We laughed super hard! Ends up we ran into them again and he was embarrassed and gave us his actual number, so yeah haha. We also invited an investigator to be baptized and have had 2 member presents with her. She is super solid, but she said no at the moment. We hope she will accept in the future!

One last thing, I met a guy, Brother Taylor in the Simpsonville 2nd Ward, who works with Bishop Davis! Small World!
Us pretending to teach our English class on Wednesday. Nobody showed up! Sucks for them cause it was going to be a great lesson! hahaha

We took like 20 photos. We love our photo shoots..thank goodness for camera timers!

Simpsonville skyline... around 4pm it starts to get dark pretty early here

Some more pics that just loaded from his camera-- 
these are from the MTC
The guys in my MTC district with our hilarious Branch Presidente Torres

​Me and the Hermanas from my district in the MTC

The guys from my Casa at the MTC ( the guy with the glasses on the right is from Lake Elsinore!) we were all called to stateside Spanish-speaking missions.

Me and one of the other district's teachers I became friends with! Hermano Gomez!
He served in SLC and might move to the states! 

This is me and my night teacher at the MTC, Hermano Cruz- he is only 22!

 Look who I got to see in the MTC!

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