Tuesday, November 10, 2015

South Carolina, baby!

We sent Brayden on his mission with a throw-away phone so that when he had his layover today in Atlanta en route to South Carolina, he could call home. The night before he left for Mexico City, we laughed about his little vision he'd be acting out in real life- a scene from a show like CSI or White Collar, being able to covertly chat with us (might be against a mission rule????) and then ditch the phone in a random airport trashcan. Only, it didn't go as he had envisioned. Customs took forever, and so we sat and waited and waited for the phone call. I was afraid the whole obedience and mission rules thing was getting to his head and he wasn't gonna dial. 

Viviana misses him terribly... cries about it, and just needed to hear his voice, so she even stayed home from school to have that verbal reassurance that he was okay.  It didn't come. So I took Vivs to school, disappointed, and as we pulled into the driveway of the school, the phone rang and it was him-- she got her hellos and goodbyes.  He sounded great- mostly was just eager to get there already. He wanted to chat football with Curt and the fact that he had just seen the head coach of a college team in the Atlanta airport. Clemson is ranked #1 right now, so because Brayden is a big football fan, getting into doors and connecting with fellow sports fans on the street is going to come easy, and will probably prove a successful start to sharing the gospel message with some. 

We got a text tonight (from the mission president) that he arrived safely and P-day is skipped this week, so we expect a long letter next Monday on his new preparation day! 
President & Sister Turner with Elder McLaughlin fresh off the plane

All of the new missionaries in South Carolina!

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