Monday, November 16, 2015

Coming to Carolina!

Elder Fife & me today at the library
Hey guys! I am back in the states! I flew into Atlanta and then took a connection to Columbia, South Carolina! It was super pretty seeing everything, like the green and the trees! They have seasons here!! U​pon arrival, we met at the mission home and had dinner, meetings​,​ and then got to go to bed 2 hours early! I think it was because some guy was falling asleep while President T​urner was talking- in the front row hahaa.

Wednesday morning we had transfer meeting where they announced the new companionships! My companion is Elder (Paul) Thomas Fife from Colorado Springs! He reminds me of Elder Richards from back home and he is soo awesome! I have heard from ​e​veryone that he is really solid!! He also happens to be our District Leader​,​ which is an added bonus! ​I am in Simpsonville,​ which is near Greenville in the upper northwest part of the state. As S​panish elders, we cover 2 wards:​ T​he Simpsonville 2nd and 3rd ward​s, which means 6 horas of church!  They just split 2 weeks ago, so we have a lot of work to do! They are English wards, but with Spanish members, so we have to translate and stuff.​ I love the Simpsonville 3rd Ward and our ward mission leaders, Brother's Felosh and Enesa (both played ball at Dixie State). It's mostly Mexicans down here, but there are Colombians and a few from Argentina as well.

I have met so many people and its all just a blur. My first day, ​w​e gave a blessing to a member and also gave a blessing in Spanish on Sunday. P​retty cool stuff! We also had to teach a S​panish Sunday School class with no knowledge before hand so that was interesting, but turned out pretty good! We have been doing a lot of tracting in trail​e​r parks,​ and have had many lessons already. It's super hard to understand the older people and their S​panish. It seems like the younger generation of Latinos speaks clearer. 

One of our lessons was with a family who likes to take in "stray" animals... so during our lesson, their little girl put a chipmunk on my shoe and it started to eat my laces! S​o weird! T​hey had cats everywhere and afterwards we felt super itchy- haha. So this week we have done a lot of work and now have 11 new investigators! I did not realize how tiring this all could be.

These last couple days I have been feeling pretty discouraged because of my lack of S​panish skills. People say my Spanish is good, but I think it still sucks.
There were a few lesson this week where I did not talk that much. I would try to understand the investigators and when I finally did, it was too late to go back to what they were talking about. Elder ​F​ife is really good at motivating me,​ so I have had on many occasions to just ​stop and think to myself that I can do this! ​I​'​ve only been here 6 days,​ so I shouldn't be so stressed. We did service th​is week at a less-active me​m​ber'​s home. We used a log splitter and basically made firewoood for like 4 hours. I​t was some tough stuff, especially in the cold. It gets really cold here in the mornings and at night especially. Being rejected at night sucks even more because of the cold. ​(California boy's blood is thin!)​

We had a mini mission set up for ​S​aturday and S​unday,​ but nobody who signed up came,​ so we had to redo all of our plans, but hey, gotta make d​o,​ right? I​'​m super excited for this week and hopefully get some baptismal dates set up! W​e have a goal of 14 before January 1st​,​ and have 2 already, with 8 pos​sible ones with dates right now! Okay,​ no more time, so...til next week!--

Elder McLaughlin

our apartment

our small room
The trailer park house of one of our investigators

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