Wednesday, October 28, 2015

T Minus 13 Days to the States!

I have never appreciated the postal service and the invention of email ever before quite like I do now. I love letters and was so anxious to get more, and they finally came! Wahoo!

My distrito y yo
(district & I) are officially the vets! We have another district coming in tonight, and I am pretty stoked! The weeks here have flown by like crazy. It feels like it was General Conference last week. I guess once you get into the hang of things, time flies by.

So some cool facts first, two of the people in the MTC Presidency were in the Quorum of the Seventy- Tenorio and Rubalcalva. The first counselor in my branch was a seventy and mission president as well and he is super awesome!- Presidente Cardenas. On Sunday, I had the opportunity to bless the sacrament in Spanish twice! Once for the workers at the comedor and once for sacrament meeting. It was cool!

We have been teaching a lot this week and now Elder Casey and I have 5 investigators. It is so hard figuring out who is whom and what problems each have, but we are trying! I think Elder Casey and I have become closer and we are on the same page now. We found our groove this week in our lessons and it feels great. While teaching "Marina" you could just feel the spirit really strong! At one point I thought of a scripture to share and elder Casey started talking to her about something. I was not paying attention to him but after the lesson, what I found out he said tied in perfectly with the scripture I thought of. Hermana Aguirre, aka Marina, said that it was the best lesson she has had. She told us to keep it up! I'm telling you the spirit is awesome.

This week we lost a good chunk of our zone. They are our bros and it was like another farewell. Last night Elder Brent Neilsen of the first quorum of the Seventy gave our Tuesday devotional! He was really good and I could feel the spirit. I shook his hand too! It down poured on us yesterday for like an hour which was unexpected, but cool! I love my teachers here and will miss them! Last night I met some new Latino Elders that just got here and seriously, they are hilarious. Latinos are generally funny people. Helps me too that I know soccer around here and I can talk soccer with them. Well, I can not wait until the states in 13 days!

So this week, and usually everyday, due to a LACK of music, I sing whatever comes to mind, and this week it's been High School Musical (LOL!!!) It may sound like I am off task, but I am not. I'm trying to make the CCM a bit more fun. The hermanas love it, well... some of them- hahaha. Apparently, I sound like Zac Efron:) I'm pretty outgoing here, and that helps me a lot. I've basically befriended all the Mexican teachers in my building (which is two zones). Last week I was thinking about my purpose here in the Mexico CCM. I could have easily been sent to the Provo MTC. I know I'm here for a specific reason: Number 1- to both learn patience, and to teach patience. We have some WEIRDOS, and very impatient missionaries in my zone. You get the point. Number 2- I know I'm supposed to have met some here that will have an impact on my life in the near future, and learn from the people here. I have learned more how to be a great leader and how to act down here. My District Leader, Elder Allen, was supposed to come 7 days earlier, but got an email to report on September 30th with me. He needed to be here to help us, and visa-versa, and I'm grateful he his here.

This week I read in 2 Nephi chapter 4. If you have a Book of Mormon, read this chapter! If you do not, look it up online or something. It is really good! Specifically verse 16-20 and 27 and 28. It talks about Nephi and his inner struggle with sin. It shows his conversion to the Lord, and his enough-is-enough sort of statement, if that makes sense. I do not have my scriptures in front of me, so I can not quote exactly. It is really powerful in the full context and I want to be converted to the Lord just as Nephi was. Okay, time to go, but that is basically all things interesting this week! Adios...

Elder McLaughlin

Blessing & passing the sacrament to the Comedor (Kitchen)

district class door 'decor'

Feasting upon the palabras de Cristo

Our CCM Gymnasium.  We play a lot of volleyball

Still the best at ping pong... in North America AND Central America:)

The yoga & bike room.  We have a weight room too

District 6B (us) and 6A (the ones who left Monday)

Elder Head & I... he left on Monday and is serving in Monterey, Mexico

Elder Kolu (Zone Leader) from St. George

Elder Cazier from St. George- soooo stinking heavy! I almost died LOL

Elder Bradford (ZL) from American Fork

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