Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Numero Uno

Hey everybody! The first few days here at the missionary training center were super long. So many meetings and we dove right into the idioma. Spanish 1,2 and 3 were all taught baiscially this first week. It is super hard. The teachers are all natives and they speak so fast! It is kind of ridiculous! Todos maestros are having trouble with my name so they just call me "Elder Mac". I have seen two guys I met at BYU this summer so that was cool.

My companion is Elder Casey from Mesa, Arizona, and he is also going to my mission in South Carolina. I am typing with a Spanish keyboard, so sorry for my grammar. I have felt very overwhelmed and I have been praying so much. I seriously have not prayed so much in one week before. My district is really awesome and I also love my whole zone. The elders are super cool! I will add a zone pic next week, hopefully. The third day here we taught an investigator in Spanish. It was difficult, but I successfully bore my testimony to him and we were invited back. I have finally got praying down in Spanish which is really cool! The guys and I in the district are developing accents too! 

One funny thing here in Mexico City is that for some reason, the Mexicans love their guns and fireworks. The MTC is 90 acres and surrounded by a cement wall with barbed wire so we are safe. I wake up at 3 in the morning because someone decided to have a fireworks party. During the day it happens a lot too. It's weird! The food here is terrible and I don't get how others can stomach it. However, Tuesday night is Costco pizza night and I was in heaven!

General conference was amazing and all the topics talked about, we actually were discussing as a zone the Friday before conference started! That was really cool! The spirit is strong here and I can't wait for states! It is so important that all of us need to hunker down on the scriptures because that is where we receive daily strength. We study like 10 to 12 horas todos los días. Pray for me and my Spanish skills! Remember that we are here to prepare for our time to meet God again. See others the way nuestro Padre Celestial sees them.
Elder McLaughlin

 sent him the $30 trail mix because he hasn't been able to eat the food and needed some protein:)

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