Friday, October 16, 2015

Mexico City: Week 2- Spanish, Studying, Salmonella, & Sundays

Note from Shayla: None of Elder McLaughlin's photos are coming through from his wifi camera.  I'll add them when I finally get them! 

Hey guys! So David, the guy we had been teaching, is now our teacher for our night classes. Turns out he was a fake investigator, but I still had a good experience teaching and learning how to teach him!

I got a bunch of letters and a few packages this week, so thank you mom. I saw another friend from BYU who got here last Wednesday night! So that was cool! Spanish is coming along still. Everyday we have gym time and we play volleyball usually and sometimes basketball, but with some of the native Latino missionaries. To be honest, they are actually intimidating! They travel in groups and love to mess with us.

I have never been so exhausted in my life. SOOO much studying just non-stop. On Sunday I bore my testimony in Spanish during church! It was really cool because it all just flowed out! We had to say goodbye to one of the districts in our zone which was sad because we as a zone are really close! We are getting a new one tonight too! It seems to be that most of the guys are going to the states from Mexico City and the girls are all going to missions in Mexico. 

The food here is still nasty and I have lost some weight. On Sunday, after fasting for 24 hours, we had some chicken for lunch. I put beans and mashed potatoes on it and it was pretty good. One piece did not have anything on it, and as I cut into it, a whole bunch of blood came rushing out. I do not know what other pieces were like that, but chances are it was every piece. So, this week I have had a whole stomach situation going on and I have been sick with some stomach virus on top of that since Saturday. I went to the doctor and that helped a little, but still I have not felt so much pain, ever. Elder Head in my zone has the same medical problems I do and so it's been nice having someone to go to for advice!!

Every Sunday night we have a video, and this week we watched the Joseph Smith Restoration one. The spirit was super strong and sniffles could be heard a mile away. Watching it and studying the restoration this week has reaffirmed my testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith. We started teaching a new investigator this week and I basically did everything in the lesson... it's kinda hard working with my companion, but it's getting there. Tonight we have another investigator (these two are our teachers so they are role playing), but on Saturday we have TRC, which is another investigator- either a legit non-member, a member of a ward down here, an MTC worker who we don't know or a less active member. So it's basically the real deal. I love the teaching atmosphere here and I love the Latino teachers. They are so down to earth. 

Mexico beat USA down here... (national soccer). If Klinsmann could actually win, I would not have had to hear a billion more fireworks and rockets! Those things bug me the most! It literally does not make sense to shoot fireworks at all times of the day since you cant see them with the sun out. 

Every Tuesday we have a service project and we folded sheets for an hour. Thank you to Ama for teaching me how to fold fitted sheets because nobody but me and the Mexican workers could!! Tuesdays we have devotionals too, and yesterday we had an area Seventy GA come speak. Not going to lie, his delivery was terrible and put half the missionaries to sleep, but the message was good-- Keep the Sabbath Day holy. That seems to be, along with keeping the other commandments, really big right now. So remember to keep that day holy! The world is forgetting and we need more ways to distinguish ourselves as true disciples. 

We went to the Mexico City Temple today and it was huge!!! It is super pretty but still does not beat San Diego. It was a neat experience, including the bus ride through Mexico City! I wish I could see more of the city. I saw a lot of elders walking near the temple and they said they know Hunter Jensen! So that was cool too!

The days feel like weeks here and the last two weeks have felt like days!!! Missing home and my friends, but I have been too busy to really even think about it. I',m so glad I went to BYU over summer cause I am not homesick like most missionaries, which is so helpful!! Talk to you all next week!

Elder McLaughlin
Some of the guys in our zone. left to right top to bottom is Elders Romaro, Head, Rodriguez, Allen, me, Bradford (ZL), Kolu (ZL), Casey, Spilker, Windsor, Davey and Jarnagin
The Mexico City Temple is HUGE!
My scripture cases! The left one is my English quad, the right are my Spanish ones and the middle one I got from the temple for my single BoM

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