Thursday, October 1, 2015

He Arrived! Day 1- Well Sorta. (P-Day is WEDNESDAY)

Months ago on the instagram account, 'missionariescomingsoon,' a local in Mexico City who works in the MTC (CCM) cafeteria, connected with Brayden as he saw he would be coming to the Mexico City CCM. 

Fast forward.... That feeling of being kicked in the stomach lessened a little and was replaced with some joy when this little tender mercy was received! This sweet guy direct messaged Monson and me this little bit of sunshine last night! He's known for posting pictures of the missionaries and tagging the family.  It sure made this momma's heart smile. 

"Elder McLaughlin likes Mexico.  I hope you enjoy this photo."

And then a few hours later, we received a very quick email note:

They are having us email you that we are at the CCM now! It still hasn't hit me yet but hopefully it will soon! The streets were crazy coming in, its hilarious. Also I saw a guy from college! My P day is on Wednesdays! Let people know that! Also they don't let us take pictures on any day but p-day, so that kinda stinks, but I guess that counts as mission rules.

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