Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Earning his keep... Celestial Duty

(This is Shayla speaking)
So I'm in the car driving to do my middle school & elementary school pick-ups today and I get this phone call-- glance at my phone and my heart skipped a beat and I literally almost jumped and turned into the curb...
Brayden is calling me!  Only it wasn't Brayden, but it did a total trick on my brain! I just hadn't changed the contact in my phone yet over to Alexandra, who now has Brayden's phone & number.

Then not even 10 minutes later I get this instagram direct message.  Let's just say the cook at the Mexico City MTC is pretty awesome.  Brayden is here joyfully washing dishes.  Brayden, joyfully, and dishes in the same sentence.  Just WOW.  Hooray for awesome MTC workers that send pics and videos!  The MTC rule is that the missionaries can't take pictures any day except P-Day, and I don't believe they're allowed to take videos of their own.  I won't get into how lame I think that rule is.  So imagine my delight when I got the DM and the email of this series of selfies from the cook's phone. Can't wait to see what P-Day tomorrow will bring!

We zoomed in and saw an Elder Allred!  Whaaaat?  So we're waiting to get an email tomorrow and find out just how we are related.  Cousin comps??  Kind of awesome.

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