Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Send-Off

A 3 am wake up before the sun. I think this early and very rushed nature of getting Elder McLaughlin on his early flight to Mexico City via Salt Lake City this morning robbed all of us of the deep emotion that is sure to hit in the hours and days to come.  Brayden was anxious, on par with normality in the life of Bray.  Public displays of affection are all too much for him to handle and this was no different.  Besides being rushed for time, and all of us being complete zombies, I kind of longed for a different drop-off experience with a little more time to pause as a family circle and take it all in. But our experience was not like that.  
Zombies in the car at 3:45 am

We were pressed for time since we were technically late for this international flight, and could the Delta terminal in San Diego be any busier?  Seriously. 
Curt's picture taking skills... LOL
Ooops he cut himself out of this one.
Curt circled the airport with the littles, as Monson, Kenz, and I helped him navigate the check-in and get him to security.  At the ticket counter, the agent next to us took one look at Elder McLaughlin and smiled big... then told our ticket guy to "Ask him where he's going."  

The nerves must have been getting the best of my boy, because he said, "Salt Lake City." 

 I caught on immediately and poked Brayden... "NO, TELL HIM WHERE YOU'RE GOING."  

Elder McLaughlin then responded, "Mexico City."  Sometimes we have to spell it out for our Mr. Literal. -- so I poked him again-- 

"HEY MISSIONARY.... you're a missionary-- OPEN YOUR MOUTH! Tell him WHERE you're going!"

So I finally told the obviously Mormon ticket guy the final destination was Columbia, South Carolina.

Anyhow, then the agent said, "OK, ask him WHY he's going."   

That question never even got answered with 'Elder Literal' being flustered over the luggage.

Elder McLaughlin was hyper-focused on getting his check-in's just right-- of course, one was over-weight and so we had to shuffle some things around, which was taking his attention away from BEING A MISSIONARY.  And then on our walk to the security, we had a little chat about what it means to pay attention to people and open your mouth.  I can see a lot of growth ahead, and true to Brayden-style... he was annoyed that I was trying to snap one last shot of him heading off.  
But we are thrilled for his journey ahead!  This is where boys become men engulfed in service to God and fellow-man 24/7 for two years!  Be blessed, my sweet boy!  AND OPEN YOUR MOUTH!

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