Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Officially Elder McLaughlin

It's a journey sending a missionary off... no one told us how just expensive and time consuming all the nitty gritty would be, or how much detail goes into the planning and preparations prior to leaving!  It's definitely a learning curve- and like with most things, Brayden is our guinea pig. The biggest thorn in our side has been locating and purchasing a bike.
The mission gave us some resources, which we explored and when the local SC bike shops couldn't return messages and the Elder in the mission office was not helpful, frustration ensued.  The mission requires that one is purchased prior to Brayden's arrival in the MTC.... so I suppose it's an epic fail that this item has yet to be checked off our list. Amazon prime... here we come!  

On a more positive and productive note-
Packing in full swing... For once, Brayden is organized!  He absolutely did procrastinate, but that is just staying true to Brayden's comfort zone (which drives all of us crazy:)

And because we probably won't be living in this home upon his return, he also had to pack up every. last. belonging. in his room.

The part Brayden was dreading was THE haircut.  It didn't end up being too short--- and he will probably end up needing to have it cut again in a few weeks, but at least it looks decent (even if he makes weird faces).

President Ham is truly an inspired and lovely human being.  He is a personal family friend, and such a wonderful, loving man.  He spent some time sharing stories and giving advice to the family and Brayden before officially setting him apart as a missionary.  See HERE for an explanation on why we do this.  

Some of the things President Ham blessed him with during this setting-apart:
  • Magnified in his abilities to learn Spanish
  • The gift of tongues as he seeks it
  • The assurance that he was called by revelation to labor in this wonderful place
  • An excitement and enthusiasm that will never fade
  • Ability to remember and be grateful for God's work
  • Health, strength, and to meet demands and rigors of mission life
  • Diligence will bring successful opportunities
  • Determination to knock on one more door and give all heart and soul to the work
  • Protection and an added measure of the promptings of the spirit
  • Patience in difficult moments, to get along well with companions in unity
  • Love the people; in a very real sense they will become family to him
  • Heed counsel of mission president and his wife
  • Feel the love of the Savior for the people
  • Harvester in the Lord's kingdom.
Introducing.... Elder Brayden Curt McLaughlin

His last snapchat:
"See ya in two!"

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