Sunday, September 20, 2015

Farewell Weekend

Never in the history of Missionary service had we heard of more than two farewell talks being given on the same Sunday.  Brayden's farewell broke all records-- FOUR missionaries from our ward were all going out to serve around the world the same week.... so it was a sacrament meeting for the books.  Standing room only.  And it was a beautiful experience.  My only regret is we didn't get a picture of the four missionaries that day.  And, we went to the wrong foyer after the meeting, and therefore, didn't get to greet those that came just for Brayden.  Big bummer!  Brayden spoke on 'true religion' and did a fabulous job, as usual.  The missionaries leaving the same week:
Devin Downing:  Barcelona, Spain
Chase Gilbert: Republic of Congo, Cameroon mission region
Jed Ramos: New York

This family weekend was also one for the books, as Curt's mother, Carol Windhorst, came to spend this special time with us. It was the first time all our children had met her, which is a story for another time.  We had 27 people sleeping here under the same roof- party time at the McLaughlins!  Also present were: Ama & Pops, cousin Christina Menzie, Uncle Matt & cousin Mattie, Uncle Mark, Aunt Tallie and cousins Luke, Hank & Venna; Aunt Brooke & cousins Briley & Katie; Uncle Brett, Aunt Emily, cousins Jonas, Makai, & Caysa.  We are so grateful for the family support and the fact that at least one representative from each of my brother's families was present!

The night before the farewell sacrament meeting, Brayden's wish came true as most of us ventured to the Rose Bowl to see BYU vs UCLA.  Disappointing that we lost, but a fun adventure with people that meant the most to us, and a memory forever stamped on Brayden's mind. 

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